Today three teachers and six students of J.F.Kennedy school leaved for Porto in Portugal!!!

They were very excited to start this new adventure: a new place and new people to know!!
We had a good flight and students met their families!
So…we are ready to begin!!!

Thank you families for your hospitality!!!


First day at school for Italian Eurknitters!

Ceremony in the auditorium: videos, dances and music! Then greetings and presents of every nation. Teachers and students visited the school: classrooms, gym, music class, photography laboratory,…
After a good lunch, visit to the Tower of Clerigos and to the Lello’s library.
At the end students came back to their home with families!!
It was fine to start to discover this city!


The rain didn’t stop Italian Euroknitters!

Today they rehersed the Tapestry and they were involved in 2 workshops: they made some interesting activities in the Futur Lab and they made a ceramica Lab! Amazing!!!

After lunch they went to the city center to visit the Cathedral and the House of Prince: very interesting !!
At the end teachers visited Porto wine’s cellars and they tested it during a Fado show!!

An incredible experience!!!


Today the sun was shining in Porto!!!
During the rehearsal of the Tapestry, we made a webconnection with our school.
Then…the trip!!! We leaved from Porto to Guimares, a lovely town not so far. Here we visited the Citania de Briteiros, an archaeological place on a Hill, the Castle and the Palace of the King.

Very interesting places!


An important day for Italian Eurknitters in Porto: they visited the City Hall and they met a member of The Governement. Very nice cerimony in a big and elegant room.

They saw the Ocean too!
After the rehearsal of the Tapestry…they visited the Stadium! Wow…they were very excited about it!

Go Porto Go!!!


The Last day of activities in Porto for Italian Eurknitters. They visited the others schools of the Agrupamento and observed how they working and learning.
Then…The Tapestry: a great succes for this wonderful play!

Congratulations to all the students!

During the night the final dinner at school with teachers and families: a very nice moment to stay together!

Thank you families for your hospitality and thank you Isabel for the perfect organization!!!


Last day in Porto for Italian Eurknitters!

Students spent the morning with their families to do different activities. Then the meeting in the Hotel with the teachers for final greetings! Exciting moments!

They leaved from Porto during the afternoon and they came back in Italy!
Welcome great Euroknitters!
                           We are proud of you!!!

The italian version of ” The tapestry 3″

 The students of the school realized their version of the third part of the play. It was exciting to be the different caracters of this wonderful story!! And at the end…they sang the project song all “Together”!!!

Congratulations to everyone, children and teachers too!

Activities about Portugal in the classrooms …

During this month every class made a lot of activities about Portugal, in particular about language: greetings, presentation, months of the year, numbers…But they did a focus on the culture, food and music too.

It was great to discover many informations about this new country!

Dissemination for parents and teachers…

This evening the teachers and the students who went in Estonia, told about their experience.

They showed pictures and videos about this land, school, trips, monuments, food, hosting families and in particular about their feelings and emotions.

A nice moment for everyone: now we are ready to learn about Portugal!!

Let’s go to Portugal!

Dissemination about Estonia for students

Today students told to all the pupils in the school about their experience during the mobility in Tallin: main monuments, language, food, school and in particular about hosting families.

It was funny to remember this wonderful week!!!

The diary of the second mobility in Estonia: 13th-19th of May

Today 3 teachers and 6 students leaved from Bologna to Tallinn.

The new adventure has begun: they are going to do an amazing experience in a new country, to know a new culture and different people.

They are very happy and excited: students knew theirhostings families during a dinner together.

Enjoy this week!



A sunny day in Tallinn today!!!
Teachers arrived at 9.30 at Peetri Kool where Estonian teachers and students were waiting for them; students attended the lessons.
Then a great Estonian performance with traditional dances and songs.

After that, we visited their school and…. wow!!!

They have also a wood classroom and a kitchen where the students can cook .

At 12.40 we had lunch in the school canteen: a tasty chicken, rice and salad for us!
In the afternoon the rehearsal of the play ‘Tapestry’.


a new day in Tallinn!

Teachers attended lessons while students were rehersed Tapestry.

Lunch in the school canteen.

Teachers had a training about evaluation and estonian Education and students were involved in a workshop.

During the afternoon we went to the Estonian Open air museum for a school lesson in the old days. We read and wrote in estonian!!!


A hot sunny day in Tallinn today!
At 9.30 ready in front of the hotel to leave and visit the old town.
We were so excited!!
We visited it and a guide explained us about their story; we had also the chance to visit Linnamuseum.
At 12.30 a great lunch at F-HOONE: salad with salmon, meat, potatoes and crepes with ice cream for dessert!!
In the afternoon we cought the bus and came back to school: we had the rehearsal of the play ‘The tapestry’.
Students came back home with their Estonian families.

What a great day we’ve had!!!


After the rehearsal of the Tapestry in the school, we leaved for a trip.

Where? In the Forest and Viru bog: many tall trees, bogs and plants of berries. A very nice walk to descover this land.

Then a delicious and typical lunch in the middle age at the Rakvere Castle. We had an adventurous workshop and we lived a scary route: only the braves had finished it!!!
At the end we tried some medieval swords and we had time to play with ancient games!!!

It was very funny!!!


Today unfortunately is the last day in the school!!!

First the rehearsal of the play, then the video and at the end the performance. Students were so good actors and the show was amazing.

In the evening we had an estonian dinner in the Viking village: all together parents, students and teachers to celebrate the end of this wonderful experience!!!


Today the students spent their time with the estonian families!

Meeting at the airport and we left for Italy!

23.15: the flight lended in Bologna Airport and students hugged their parents!!
Thank you to everyone for this amazing experience! Italian Euroknitters we are proud of you!!!


During this month students made some activities about Estonia and Tallin: they watched videos, pictures to know this country and its culture. In particular they learned some words, numbers and sentences in estonian language.

They did a big flag too with the emblem of Estonia.

“Tapestry” Part 2

Today in J.F.Kennedy school students who will leave for Estonia presented a Power Point about this country.
Then the second part of the play “Tapestry 2”: great performance! Knitters, children, hunters, blue birds, slaves, horrible beings and evil beings, together created a very interesting tale!

Congratulations to the actors and to all the teachers!!!

Dissemination about Greece for teachers and parents…

 Today the Euroknitters teachers and students talked about their experience in Athens during the first mobility of the project. Teachers talked about the work and the activities in all the classrooms before the mobility, students told about the best moments of the week in Athens and also parents gave the opinion. 

Now we are ready to know all about Estonia

we are coming soon!!!

Dissemination about Greece to the students…

Today teachers and students told to all the pupils of our school about their experience in Athens.

They explained them about the main monuments, language, hosting families, food, school and people. They also told about their feeling before the departure and during the week, their fears and their satisfaction when they are back to Italy.