Today we arrive in Madrid and we visited the Europe Park and the main monuments and streets of Madrid. In particoular the cathedral, Placa de Major, Placa Oriental and the City Hall. Then we leaved for Cuenca.The sun shines on this wonderful city and we are ready to start this new adventure.

DAY 1:

A fantastic welcoming cerimony in the Santa Ana School today: songs and dances celebrated every nation! Amazing!
Then the visit of the School where we found some particoular corners dedicated to each country.
After a typical lunch in a restaurant, students are involved in a funny gymcana and a geocatching!
A great first day!!


Today was a sweet day: we visited the Abbey of Chocolate! Very interesting…and very very good!!! After the visit, the great performance of Don Chisciotte de la Mancha: teachers were fantastic Actors! Congratulation!!!
Then a good lunch in the School and the teachers went to visit the Museum of abtract art in Cuenca: a new art in a old building…great location and interesting paints! Instead the children where involved in 2 workshop about Don Chisciotte and about Paloteo dance! WOW!!!



Today after the reharsal of the Tapestry, we leaved for the forest!! A wonderful landscape around Cuenca…Amazing!
After a picnik, we went to do a lot of activities: climbing, canoyng, narrows…All the students and also the teachers where involved in these funny sports!!! It was a great experience!!!



Today sas the day of…Dinosaur: a very interesting visit to Mapa Museum. Many dinosaurs, small, big, giant and fossils told us the history of our erth.We came back at School and we visited some classrooms where we painted the Euroknitters’ t-shirt. After the lunch at School with a fantastic paella and a Euroknitters cake, we had 2 meetings with the authorities: the Mayor and the deputy of Education! Free time for shoppping and at the end a wonderful exibition of the local band: traditional songs and a great version of Together…of course!






The final reharsal of the Tapestry and at the end the performance!!! All the Euroknitters were great!! Fantastic Italian knitter, fantastic assistent, fantastic evil beings and a wonderful wolf! Congratulations to everybody!!

Free time in the afternoon in the families and in the evening the final dinner all TOGETHER! Many typical dishes, wines, dances and…many beautiful people!!





A sad day for the Italian Euroknitters because they have leave. An exciting moment during the greetings with the families!!! We taked the bus from Cuenca to Madrid and the plane to Bologna! Italians Euroknitters lended tired but proud about this experience! Thank you students and Thank you families for your hospitality!


reggio emilia