Final dissemination for teachers…

The Italian Euroknitters team organized the last dissemination about the project to involve other teachers to do the same and to present a proget Eramus plus in the next call.There were teachers from different schools of Reggio Emila and suburban area. Many memories during the meeting convinced us that this was a great experience…unforgettable!At the

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Dissemination about the mobility in Spain

In June the 6th the team of teachers and students who went in Spain organized the dissemination about their mobility for the teachers and the families. They prepared a presentation about this experience and a video with many pictures! Then they collected on a big wallpaper all the places they visited. Many good memories and

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DAY O: Today we arrive in Madrid and we visited the Europe Park and the main monuments and streets of Madrid. In particoular the cathedral, Placa de Major, Placa Oriental and the City Hall. Then we leaved for Cuenca.The sun shines on this wonderful city and we are ready to start this new adventure. DAY

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The fourth mobility in Italy

Day 0 Today all the Euroknitters were coming in Italy!!! Welcome to everyone in Reggio Emilia! Students met their families and together they will start this adventure! Enjoy!   Day 1 Welcome cerimony: dances, songs and music!Great italian dancers, singers and musicians realized a wonderful performance!Thank you to all of the teachers and in particular

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Dissemination about the mobility in Portugal

 During these last weeks the teachers and the students who leaved from Porto talked to their school friends, collegues and families about their great experience during the third mobility. With a lot of pictures, videos and words they explained them all they did in that week in Porto and in particular about their emotions and

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The italian version of ” The tapestry 3″

┬áThe students of the school realized their version of the third part of the play. It was exciting to be the different caracters of this wonderful story!! And at the end…they sang the project song all “Together”!!! Congratulations to everyone, children and teachers too!  

Dissemination for parents and teachers…

This evening the teachers and the students who went in Estonia, told about their experience. They showed pictures and videos about this land, school, trips, monuments, food, hosting families and in particular about their feelings and emotions. A nice moment for everyone: now we are ready to learn about Portugal!! Let’s go to Portugal!