During this month students made some activities about Estonia and Tallin: they watched videos, pictures to know this country and its culture. In particular they learned some words, numbers and sentences in estonian language. They did a big flag too with the emblem of Estonia.    

“Tapestry” Part 2

Today in J.F.Kennedy school students who will leave for Estonia presented a Power Point about this country. Then the second part of the play “Tapestry 2”: great performance! Knitters, children, hunters, blue birds, slaves, horrible beings and evil beings, together created a very interesting tale! Congratulations to the actors and to all the teachers!!!  

Dissemination about Greece to the students…

Today teachers and students told to all the pupils of our school about their experience in Athens. They explained them about the main monuments, language, hosting families, food, school and people. They also told about their feeling before the departure and during the week, their fears and their satisfaction when they are back to Italy.

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The diary of the mobility in Greece…

  DAY 6 Italy we are coming back soon!!! The Day of the departure arrived: after a last walk in the Athens center we are ready to leave this wonderful Town. In aeroport we made the last interviews for the tv channel about this week. It was a extraordinary experience ! Thank you Greek teachers,

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Activities about Greece in the classrooms

During these days children in every classroom of the school made some activities about Greece: they talked about this nation and in particular about Athens, they watched videos and pictures, they learned some words and sentences in Greek language, they realized the letters of the Greek alphabet with the salt dough and they tried to

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The tapestry, a play for union

At Kennedy Institute everyone was at the premiere of the “Euroknitters” play. The actors had masterfully showed the first part of the play “The tapestry, a play for union” a play that unites the five nations that are in the project. What was left at the end? “Together we all can build, together a better

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A great morning for great Euronkitters! Some students and some teachers presented the project to the Municipality during a meeting in Sala Tricolore. They explained the objectives and the experiences to the Major of Reggio Emilia Luca Vecchi and to the Councillor for Education Raffaella Curioni. Students were very excited and very proud about this

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