The diary of the mobility in Greece…

The diary of the mobility in Greece…


Italy we are coming back soon!!!
The Day of the departure arrived: after a last walk in the Athens center we are ready to leave this wonderful Town.

In aeroport we made the last interviews for the tv channel about this week.
It was a extraordinary experience !

Thank you Greek teachers, students and families for your hospitality, everything was perfect!!!

We are proud to be Euroknitters!!!



Today we were on stage!!! We had a professional make up session and we rehearsed wearing our costumes. Then the moment came at last: the play was a big success!

And, most of all, we had a lot of fun!!

We left school at 1.30 and we had a walk in the city centre, shopping for souvenirs.

In the evening, everybody was at school for a true Greek night with music, dancing and plenty of delicious food.




We went to Stavros Niarchos cultural centre. It is an awesome building designed by Renzo Piano. There is a huge library, a theatre, and students can do many free activities there.
At 11 o’clock we saw a ballet, “THE NUTCRACKER  “, the scenes and costumes were very beautiful!
Then the kids went to school for a workshop about ancient myths and the teachers had a seminar about the European Language Portfolio

At 5 o’clock: rehearsal of the play. The actors are very good!

Special dinner in Egaleo!




Excursion to the Corinth Canal. The ancient theatre of Epidaurus and the former capital, Nafplion.
On the way to the canal we stopped at an orthodox monastery where we saw a byzantine church. The place was so quiet that even the kids were moving around without talking!The problem was that women wearing trousers couldn’t go in, so look at our outfit!

The theatre in Epidaurus is very well preserved and has perfect acoustics.

We had lunch , a big meal as usual in a tavern in Nafplion and then we went for a walk around town.




Today, we travelled back in time…to ancient Greece!!!
We climbed up the Acropolis with Vicky, our wonderful guide and we admired the Templesthey are AMAZING!

We had very sunny weather.

We visited the Acropolis museum and the Museum of Education, where we learnt about Greek school in the past.

The kids were involved in some funny activities.




A sunny morning in Athens: italian pupils and teachers have meeting the haedmitress of the Greek school and the Major of Egaleo during a welcome cerimony organized by greek students .

They had the possibility to introduce yourselves, their country and their school. After a tour of the school, italian students have partecipate in some lessons in the classrooms.

In the end, during the afternoon, they have practice “The tapestry”.

After all….a delicious greek dinner!!!!





This morning 3 teachers and 6 students leaved from Milan to Athens.

The first mobility of the project has begun! They were a little bit worry, but at the same time very excited about this wonderful experience. They will have the opportunity to know the greek culture, to work in the greek classrooms and to know students from other countries. Congratulations! Enjoy this week and don’t forget…

You are great Euroknitters!

reggio emilia

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