Today the classes of our school have been awarded with a special certificate for participating in the competition for the creation of the project’s logo…because…we’re all Euroknitters!

Moreover, each child was given personal thanks in their diary.


The parents of the kids who take part in the project at the presentation meeting with the teachers and the Principal of our school. The coordinator, Martina Coliva, illustrated the different activities which will be put in place during the next two years. Parents could see the project’s website, the promotional video, and learnt about the mobilities which will allow the kids and their teachers to travel to the partner countries.

1st Trasnational meeting: welcome to Italy!

The Euroknitters project officially started with the first Transnational Meeting which was held in Reggio Emilia from the 8th to the 10th November. Our school hosted teachers from Portugal, Spain, Greece, Estonia. The project, funded by the European Union, is part of the Erasmus + Programme.

The coordinators of the five schools which are part of the project had the opportunity to present their schools and to learn about the partner ones, they also worked to plan the activities which will involve pupils, teachers and families in the next two years. Bearing in mind the project’s motto work and cooperate together to unite Europe the participants thought about the best strategies to achieve the objectives of the project and, in front of a cup of coffee and a piece of cake, they started thinking about the dates of the mobilities and they collaborated to fix technical and bureaucratic aspects.

It was a great opportunity for the city of Reggio Emilia to welcome other European teachers and show them educational contexts, but also historical landmarks and to offer a taste of the local food.

The first transnational event was the election of the logo which was broadcasted live on the Euroknitters Youtube channel. It was exciting to see the five schools knitting together while the voteswere counted and the winner was proclaimed.

After this very promising start we would like to wish a successful development of the project. HAPPY EUROKNITTERS TO EVERYBODY!

The best news: the media spoke about us!!